Thursday, August 9, 2012

For Sale

Essential ABC 9.99Rustic ABC 10.99

Magic 12.99

Happy Hauntings 7.99

Harvest Memories 4.99

Tropical Christmas 5.99

Three Cheers 2.99

All My Love 7.99

Ritzy Ribbon 8.99

Heartthrob 7.99

Summertime 5.99

Serendipity 3.00


  1. Hello I wrote to you a while ago about the Yankee buckets that you made. Are you able to tell me how they were made? What do I need to create them?

    1. I used my cricut to cut out the ball, mit, and little baseball player. The NY I used my SCAL software and traced and cut it out. There is a piece of foam in the bucket and the ball, mit etc are attached to sticks with tape and put into the foam ball. Then for fun I fill the bucket with candy. If you have further questions please Email me at